Notes From The Author & President

Notes From The President & Author
His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam

Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) is the crown of all the Prophets and Beloved Prophet of Almighty God. He was the first one that Allah the Almighty Created from his own light (Nur). The whole Universe along with the Sun, Moon, Earth and 18000 planets were created including First Man Adam (PBUH)’s life was also given from the Light of Nur-e-Nabi, Safi-UlMajnabeen, Awaleen, Akherin, RahmatullilAlameen & Nurri Min Nurr-Allah. He WILL be Attorney General for the MERCY of WHOLE Creation & Mankind at the Court of the Almighty God on Judgment day.

All true believers believe that mankind in the present has come into existence through the first man and woman, Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Eve (PBUH). The complete code of life bestowed by God, The Almighty, for the auspicious, righteous mode of living of Adam (PBUH) and Eve (PBUH) is called Islam. Islam is the code of life for all mankind, prescribed by God, The Almighty, and communicated through His Chosen Prophets. Since Prophet Adam (PBUH), more than one hundred twenty four thousand prophets have been chosen to serve innumerable communities in different times. Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) was the First & Last Prophet for the Mankind and the Viceroy of God the Almighty for all creation.

Therefore, Islam is the first, last and only religion, and in essence it is the scientific and practical philosophy of life. The Glorious Quran is the Complete Code of Human life and God’s creation. The basic tenet of Islam is to surrender absolutely to God, and to conduct life in accordance with the provisions of The Holy Al-Quran and the prescriptions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) & Ahle-Bayet, and to inevitably get protection and happiness in this life and the next.

At the Historic battle of Karbala in one tent there were 22000 misguided munafiq follower of Yazid and another there were only 82 true descendants of Ahle-Bayet by the leadership of Hazrat Hussein (PBUH). But Yazid’s Munafiq army had killed all 81 member of Ahle-Bayet except Hazrat Zainul Abideen (PBUH).

Currently there are 73 sects in Islam, which was already Prophesized in Authentic Hadiths by Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH), and was acknowledged by the Fourth Caliph Hazrat Ali (PBUH) in Prophets Lifetime. Prophet also stated that, “All of the sects of Islam will eventually proceed to hell fire except One that will lead him and his descendants (Ahle-Bayet) with the proper guideline of Holy Quran”. Currently the Saudi Monarchy and their associates along with some fanatic groups of Jewish and Christians had been working along to sponsor Wahabism, Selafism, Tablighi and Jamaat-e-Islami sects along with so-called Muslim terrorist group Al-Quida, ISIS, Hejbut Tahrir and Jabat Al-Nasra, whom directly destroying the backbone of Real Truth of Islam.

The Author and Editors of this book is not at all follower of Sunni, Shia or any other sect but a divine follower of the path of Ahle-Bayet and representing the virtues and values of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) with the guideline of Holy Quran. But it may be mentioned here that, there are several references had been used from Sunni & Shia Scholars but which was later revised by His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam 43rd Direct descendant from the Prophet of Islam.

Out of approximately six billion people in the world it is surprising that more than five billions do not admit Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the Last Prophet chosen by God the Almighty, for the Mankind, nor do they accept the Holy Al-Quran as a divine revelation. Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) is the sole demonstrator and exhibitor of the righteous path for all mankind and creation also should be seen as omnipresent. It may be relevant to mentioned that, those five millions of Muslim may come from the 22000 Yazidi Munafiq followers of the Battle of Karbala, on the other hand the true and devoted Muslim followers in Islam had came from the survived blood of Hazrat Imam Zainul Abideen Ibn Hussein (PBUH) from the Historic battle of Karbala.

But that shouldn’t sadden us, if one do gets the opportunity to realize that us Human beings are the crowned creations of Almighty God but yet without the revealed knowledge of Almighty God, We are completely blind, which was sent by one hundred twenty four thousand Prophets Since Prophet Adam (PBUH), to serve innumerable communities in different times, which undoubtedly proves Satan the enemy of Allah as well as us Mankind actively working since the creation of Adam & Eve. Just as the Almighty sent several thousands of Prophets to reveal the bright knowledge but when humans drowns their self into pride, greed, jealousy and luxury and becomes visible mirror image of satan and starts activities against the Almighty and his messengers.

After the destruction of 1st civilization by Nuh (PBUH) biblical flood it was the People of Aad & Samood of 2nd Civilization (Current Civilization) that started worshiping of statues instead of Oneness of God, also proclaimed they were the only righteous Superior than anyone, eventually they were destroyed by the curse of Almighty God in the time of Prophet Hud & Prophet Shueb for not accepting the God’s messages. Thereafter it was the capital of the world at around 1800BC, which was Babylon, present day Baghdad. Babylon once was the best of best developed city of the World, but unfortunately, the people of Babylon refused to follow the God of Abraham and Abraham’s message because of their arrogance and belief of being the Superior among all. So Almighty God punished them and Babylon was destroyed.

Also in the time of The Grandson of Genghis Khan, Hulagu Khan, sieged Baghdad, the capital of the world at the time, in 1258, there were 90,000 to 1,000,000 peoples killed by the Mongols. The Abbassiya Caliph Mustasim Billah was captured and starved to death in his own treasures room, who was the descendant of Yazidi Munafiq follower, whom that betrayed Grand Son of Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) The Mongol conquests led to ~60,000,000 deaths total. Later on, in 1401, Timurlane, captured Baghdad, killing 20,000 more people. Timur ordered that every soldier should bring 2 human heads to him. Timurlane’s conquest led to the death of 20,000,000 people. In World War I, Which lasted almost 3 years (1914-1918), and 10,000,000 – 30,000,000+ people were killed. Mostafa Kamal Ataturk was the key player, very swiftly took over Ottoman Empire with the help of British Military force and destroyed the Caliphate ship of Islam even though the Calipha-E-Rashidun were the only real Caliphs of Islam. World War II lasted 6 years (1939-1945), killing 40,000,000 – 72,000,000 people. Hitler was declared an enemy of the world by the Allies. Hitler killed 6 million Jews alone. If you went back to the lineage of those Jewish peoples you would have found the blood of the betrayer who created several conspiracies against the Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) in Medina and their descendants still creating conspiracies to diminish and eliminate the real truth of Islam.

A point to be noted, The author of this book is not an enemy of any religion, not even having any personal grounds to publish such real fact but for the spread of the real truth which is “The human being is the crowned creation of Almighty God. And Abraham’s descendants, The Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are cousin brothers” in accordance to the Holy Quran, except idol and fire worshipers.

After the departure of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (Peace Be Upon Him) from this world to heaven in 632 A.D., those who were closest to him passed on his teachings to the sincere seekers of the next generation, who in turn became the perfected guides, or Shaykhs, for the generation after them. This process has continued down to our present time by the Mercy of Allah. In this way, every authentic Sufi guide has a chain of teachers which leads directly back to the Prophet Mohammad (SM) (Peace Be Upon Him). The Fourth Caliph of Islam Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu Talib (PBUH), is the Grand Sufi Master of all Sufis. He is also the Supreme Authority of Sufism. Such a chain of teachers is known in Sufism as a “Silsilah” or a “Shajarah” (Sufi Order). In the English language, each of these “tariqahs” is known as a ‘Sufi Order’.

In 12th Century When One of the most influential Great Islamic Scholar and Greatest Sufi Saint Imam Al-Gazali passed away, the fanatic Muslim groups in Baghdad, Iraq, Tehran, Iran the Sunni and Shia complex, completely destroyed by the Abbassiya Caliph the real books of Sufism written by Imam Al-Gazali, which is why the True path of Islam “Sufism” could not spread around the world.

Currently, All Sufi masters and founder of Sufi orders as well as leader of the toriqas has been declared abandoned by the Saudi Monarchy and British Empire. After a crucial research by the British Empire realized one crucial fact that there will not be any other Prophets that will come but the teachings of Sufism should also be destroyed in order to completely eliminate the Real Islam. The descendants of Prophet Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) were completely thrown out and killed from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Holy city Mecca and Medina with the help of British Empire. They also destroyed the Holy grave of Prophet’s first wife Hazrat Khadija-tul-Kobra (SA) in Mecca (Jannat-ul-Moallah in holy city Mecca) as well as the Jannat-ul-Baqi the graves of Prophet’s beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima (SA) grave/Dome along with 3rd Caliph Osman (RA), Shaheeds of Battle of Ohud including Great Hamza’s grave along with several thousand Holy graves/Holy Dome of companions of Prophet. Finally, they tried to destroy the Prophet’s Holy Dome in Medina, but they could not succeed at all, because there are 70,000 angels are protecting and saluting as safeguard from the Almighty Allah to his Beloved Prophet accordance of Holy Quran Surah Ahzab verse# 56. It should be noted that, those individuals who tried to destroy the Prophet’s Holy dome by the order of Saudi Monarchy’s Kings and his associates like Selafi and Wahabi sects  since 1920, they were all miraculously killed by Python snakes, which led them to stop at last. But they started a different way of conspiracy. A point needs to be added, these so-called Selafi and Wahabi Sectarian groups are directly sponsored by Saudi Monarchy are not Muslim, They are direct descendants of Satan.

“The current World’s situation and the economic circumstances along with climate’s conditions are very unstable. The third world war is knocking the surface of the earth. The climate of the planet is changing unlike any other period in the history of the civilization. Billions of people are hungry, dying without food or medicine, all around the world. Unfortunately, the United Nations does not look into them. The World Federation, The United Nation’s Charters and it’s functions are completely paralyzed. The Single Super Power USA along other associate super powers, playing effective role to destroy the UN’s aims and objectives. The leaders of many nations around the world are very unpatriotic, pathetic and ambitious for their own interest. Many nations are led through the illegal military government, and others are playing the role of so called Democracy and Communism, but they have not succeeded to establish international security and peace.

Natural disasters are also threatening the planet. In accordance of the Sufi Cosmology and predictions of His Eminency Dr. M. N. Alam, indicated the current situations of the World and the solution. The single superpower, the United States of America, is facing the greatest economic crisis in its history. The current President of USA Donald J. Trump’s administration is also at risk to lose its credibility. His Eminency also indicates that the 45th President of the United States of America will not succeed with his ambitious election commitment and goals because he is surrendering to the pressure of political elements and entities. The issues of Russia, North Korea, Iran, China and the Middle East, have also given a dangerous pressure to the Trump’s administration. The previous administration of Obama encouraged and accepted Gay and lesbian by approving their marriages, which has not been officially accepted in America since its independence. In accordance to the world history, the descendants of Prophet Lot (PBUH), in the time of Prophet Abraham (PBUH) were completely destroyed and lost their existence in the Dead Sea (Near Israel) area because of open homosexuality by Almighty God. This is a violation of human nature and Almighty God’s order. His Eminency Dr. Alam is afraid about what will happen to the single superpower, the USA In the time of this lunatic leader Trump.

To the honorable heads of state, heads of government, kings, emperors, distinguished religious leaders, intellectuals and scientists; I am disclosing valuable information concerning the future. It is the age of science and the era of utmost improvement in human civilization. It is known from history that this is the second human civilization on Earth. At the time of the Prophet Noah (PBUH), the culture, developed science and education of the first civilization vanished away from the Earth by flood and earthquake. It is also known that four thousand years ago the Atlantic Ocean was once the shape of a continent with different nations, where many cultures lived. According to historical findings, under the Atlantic Ocean there is a lost city called “The Atlantis” (as a continent) collapsed in consequence of universal cataclysm and earthquakes resulting into an ocean. Therefore, we see how tremendous the history of mankind is. Archaeologists and scientists are discovering innumerable relics of human civilization and history through digging and searching the soil. Many aspects of our current civilization is likely to be wiped away completely from the Earth after the year 2020 AD. Human beings will build up the third civilization as indicated in The Sacred Holy Al-Quran, The Tawrat, and The Zabur, The Bible (Ingil), The Kalki Puran (Hindu Sacred Text) and others.


Final Message From The 43rd Direct Descendant of The Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SM

FINAL MESSAGE: From the 43rd direct descendant of the last Prophet of mankind, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him), His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Shah Sufi Sheikh Mohammad Nurul Alam, President World Spiritual Assembly, New York, USA. (His Eminency Dr. M.N. Alam has been supporting the United Nations since 1985 and United Nations General Assembly designated his Organization DCB, as a United Nations Peace Messenger Organization in 1986.)

All concerned are requested to be ready to face and overcome about the current situation of the World and future of the World. The human being is the crowned creation of Almighty God. The Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are cousin brothers in accordance to the Holy Quran. The Muslims, constantly prays for peace for the descendants of Abraham (PBUH) everyday in their five times prayer since 1400 years ago (Durud Sharif (part), “Allah Humma Sawlle Ala, Saye Dena Mohammadio .., Kama Sallaita Ala Ibrahima Wala Ale Ibrahim, Innaka Hamidum Majid .., Ref, This is a part of Muslims five times prayer, in accordance of Holy Quran & Authentic Hadith), So Why are they fighting with each other? Because of the fanatic belief and malpractice of reality of theology, Muslims, Jews, and Christians do not understand the Prophet Abraham’s ideology. No one shall dominate in a War or Fight. The fanaticism of “So-Called: Muslims, Christians & Jews also Political Dilemma” must stop to avoid the WWIII. The World federation of the United Nations still exists, but they are only talking about peace. They have their own agenda for international security and peace, but no one abides. For that reason, the UN Security Council Resolution since WWII has been disregarded by the disputed nations. The single superpower, the United States of America has been playing their own role by their own way, without following the UN Charter and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was reported to me and confirmed that, Western Media is taking advantage to destroy the backbone of real Islamic Ideology, which establishes Peace & Prosperity towards mankind since 1400 years ago, “Islam does not approve fanaticism or terrorism”. Subsequently, some sects of Islam in the name so-called “Jihad” encouraged by misguided political groups and patron by Russia, USA and other powerful nations to carry out terrorism activities to diminish the Islam from its course. I am challenging and warning, to whom, those who are engaged in such activities to stop immediately otherwise the consequences shall be paid by the Almighty God. My prayer is that all human beings, the crowned creation of God, May Allah, the Almighty bless them, bless America, and bless United Nations and other countries victimized by manmade disasters. “AMEEN”.

Biography Of His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammed Nurul Alam, 43rd Direct Descendant & Spiritual Successor From The Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM)

His Eminency

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam, Religious and Spiritual Leader of The Muslim World, 43rd Direct Descendant & Spiritual Successor from the Holy Prophet Mohammad SM (PBUH), President of World Spiritual Assembly, NY, USA, Custodian and Chief Khalifa of 700 years old Sufi Dynasty, the Holy Dayera Sharif, Dhaka, Bangladesh, World Peace Envoy, United Nations NGO Permanent Representative, Founder of Seven International Orphanages in Bangladesh, Founder, World Human Rights Service Council, NY, USA, Founder, Secretary-General International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development and Human Rights, New York USA  Founder President, World Spiritual Institute, NY, USA, President and Chief of the Mission World Human Rights Service Council, New York, USA, Founding Member of London Diplomatic Academy and its United Nations Representative, NY Honorary professor, European University Madrid, Spain, and Iowa, USA and Chancellor, European Union University, Iowa, USA, Member of Advisory Council of Ansted University in Malaysia, Vice-President, CODE International, Madrid, Spain. Pioneer Spokesman and scholar researcher of “The Millennium Prophecy Heralds a Golden Age, Arrival of Imam-Mahedi (PBUH), World Peace Mission, founder U.N Peace Messenger Organization, three times designated for the Nobel peace Prize between 1989 and 2000, designated first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Permanent Representative of The Conch Republic to the United Nations and designated special representative of President of The Anjouan Islamic Republic to the United Nations June 2001 to December 2001. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to UN of the International States Parliament for Safety & Peace since 2001; In January 16, 2001 His Eminency Dr. Alam awarded by Ansted University British Virgin Island, United Kingdom. He has been awarded for the following prestigious recognition: 1. International Academy of Culture and Political Science Doctor of Philosophy in Political Sciences 2. International Association of Educators for World Peace Diploma DHonnaur 3. Institute of International Affairs Certificate of Honor. 4. Institutes for International Relations and Intercultural Studies Diploma in International Relations. 5. World Peace Academy Academician. 6. Center Cultural Copt Orthodox Academic Doctor. His Eminency also appointed as Chairman Department of Comparative Religion Albert Schweitzer International University, Switzerland since December 4, 2000. In November 11, 2002 His Eminency has been awarded as commander of World order Peace The Medal of The World Order Science-Education-Culture by the European Academy of Information along with UN Secretary-General His Excellency Dr. Kofi Annan in Madrid, Spain.

His Eminency Dr. Alam is the World Peace Envoy and Founder Director General of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh (DCB UN Inc.), established in 1977, and its Permanent representative to the United Nations since 1982. He is also the founder President of the World Spiritual Assembly (WSA), New York, established in 1990. In addition to all of these organizations, His Eminency is the founder and Secretary General of Bangladesh United Nations Association (BUNA), established in Dhaka, 1972.

H.E. Mohammad Nurul Alam, son of the late Mohammad Sirajul Islam Miah, was born on February 28, 1953, at 36 Bar Street, British Indian Subcontinent, City of Rangoon, Myanmar. His Eminency and his family members had left his birth place from Rangoon (British Colony Burma) and return back to his motherland on 14th January, 1958 at 14 Haitkandi Union, Kachua, Southeast Haitkandi, famous house of Raza Miah (RA) (Sufi Saint Raza Miah (RA) who migrated from Madina to preach Islam in East Bengal, The British Indian Subcontinent) Mirsharai, Chittagong, East Pakistan currently Bangladesh. He has been a social, religious and humanitarian worker since boyhood. He is born in a respected Muslim religious & spiritual family. His father is the 42nd direct descendants from the Last Prophet of Mankind & Peace Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH).

His Eminency Dr. M N Alam at age of 3 at Rangoon, Myanmar, he was compelled to leave Rangoon, Myanmar by the force of General Newin father of current Terrorist and Leader of Myanmar’s Genocidal Army Aung San Suu Kyi

Through religious and spiritual capacity, His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam became the spiritual successor of the Dayemi Sufi Dynasty Since 1977 and received his spiritual training from His Eminence Sheikh Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA), the religious and spiritual leader and the Master of the Four Sufi Orders, trained H.E.M.N. Alam in spiritual and religious practices for Fifteen years. During his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1987, His Eminence Sheikh Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA), the 42nd direct descendant and spiritual successor to The Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (SM) (PBUH), bestowed 43rd spiritual Successor ship upon H.E. Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam. He also designated H.E.M.N. Alam as Official Chief Khalifa and custodian of Dayera Sharif, a Sufi Institution and dynasty originated from the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad (SM) (PBUH) and followed by his worthy followers. After passing away of Shah Sufi Syed Dayemullah (RA) in 1995, His Eminency Mohammad Nurul Alam has become the custodian of the seven hundred years old Holy Dayera Sharif Sufi Dynasty and The Department of Waqf government of Bangladesh’s open court judgment order has appointed His Eminency Dr. Alam as Sole Motuwalli of Sufi Nurullah Waqf Estate EC# 10355 in 2010. It maybe mentioned here that, His Eminency had served as joint Motuwalli of the Sufi Nurullah Waqf estate since 1986 during the lifetime of Sufi Dayemullah (RA). He is also rendering social welfare, humanitarian and voluntary services already started by H.H. Mahisawar (RA), one of the direct descendants of the Holy Prophet of Islam who lived his life for the cause of humanity seven hundred years ago in South East Asia, especially in India, Bangladesh, Mynamar, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

His Eminency S.S.M.N.Alam, in serving the cause of neglected humanity, looks after more than 100 educational institutions including high schools, colleges, vocational training centers, madrashas, mosques, as well 15 orphanages housing several hundred parentless children in Bangladesh. His Eminency M.N.Alam has served as the Managing Director of Dayemi Pharmaceutical Laboratory, since 1987. He is also the Founder-Chairman of the Bangladesh Youth Hostel Association. He has been an Executive Member of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) Oxford, England and an executive member of the IARF South Asia Coordinating Committee India until 1997. During His Eminency’s leadership, the IARF was granted consultative status with the U.N Economic and Social Council (ESOSOC). Currently, he is the President of the IARF Bangladesh Chapter. His Eminency Dr. Alam is the only representative of the Muslim world who attended, on behalf of The Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, the World Peace Congress, organized by IARF between 1982 to 1987.

During his lifelong work toward peace and human rights, he has been associated with various national and international organizations rendering valuable services for the welfare of mankind. In December 1998 on the day of the observance of 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he was designated As Secretary-General and Chief of mission of the World Human Rights Service Council, New York, for the support of mankind and refugees. Former US President Bill Clinton and Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan are some of the distinguished personalities of the World who have acknowledged this humanitarian effort in 1999. In the same year, His Eminency becomes a Founder Member of the Diplomatic Council of the London Diplomatic Academy, UK.

Since 1982 H.E. Mohammad Nurul Alam has been acting as the permanent representative of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh to the United Nations in New York, Vienna, Geneva and five Regional Economic Commission offices in Thailand, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Iraq and Chile. Under H.E.M.N. Alam’s leadership, the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh acquired consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations as well as associate status with the Department of Public Information (DPI), and UNICEF. Also the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh, while working towards peace in the Middle East since 1982, has been given Associate Status with the Palestinian Rights Division of the United Nations. H.E.M.N. Alam has coordinated many international conferences for the support of the United Nations in Dhaka, Bangladesh and worldwide from the office in New York. He also visited the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and risked his life to negotiate peace between the Palestinian and Israeli authorities. This peace initiative included an eleven-point peace proposal for Palestinian and Israeli authorities, which was adopted in the International Peace Conference held in Dhaka under the auspices of the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh and authorized by the United Nations General Assembly. The Peace proposal has been acknowledged by the Secretary-General of The United Nations as well by President Ronald Regan, Mr.Mikhail Gorbachev, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Chief Imam of the Holy Kaba in Mecca, the Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia and other Heads of State. For these and other services and for contribution towards world peace, the Secretary-General of the United Nations designated the Dayemi Complex Bangladesh as The United Nations Peace Messenger Organization in 1986.

His Eminency Dr. Alam has visited Soviet Union in 1986 by the special invitation of Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev to attended the International peace conference at BAKU as speaker His Eminency predicted that, all the Muslim states and territories should be free and independent from Soviet Union.

H.E.M.N. Alam has traveled extensively in the interest of world peace, visited more than 186 countries including Israel and, South Africa and has attended over 700 conferences, seminars and congresses where he presented his Thesis “The Millennium Prophecy Heralding a Golden Age”. Many influential leaders such as former U.S Presidents Bill Clinton and G. W. Bush and the U.N. Secretary General Dr. Kofi A. Annan have acknowledged the Millennium Prophecy. The Secretary General has recommended His Eminency to forward the Millennium Prophecy Statement to the permanent US representative to the U.N. for discussion to bring it to include it in the agenda of the U.N. Security Council and U.N. General Assembly. Accordingly, His Eminency has submitted the Prophecy to the White House, Washington, D.C. as well as to the President, U.N. General Assembly and U.N. Security Council.

The International Organization for World Peace, Disarmament, Development and Human Rights nominated His Eminency S.S.M.N. Alam, who has devoted his life to the cause of world peace, as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. In 1996 by the World Spiritual Assembly, New York, designated him as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Price and also the World Human Rights Service council jointly with the friends of United Nations Organizations, U.N. Office, New York, USA designated his name for the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize. Finally, in 1st February 2010 World Human Rights Service Council, UN Office New York USA had designated his name as Pioneer Spokesman of Millennium Prophecy Heralds A Golden Age.

The World Spiritual Assembly and its international forum held in the New York City in July 1989 have conferred three honorary Ph. D. degrees (Doctor of Comparative Religion, Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy in Spirituality) upon H.E. Nurul Alam. European Union University Iowa, USA and Ansted University, British Virgin Island, United Kingdom, Malaysia have conferred Honorary Ph. D. Degree Dr. in Philosophy and Spirituality to H.E. Nurul Alam in July 2000. His Eminency has received more than twenty-five honorary Ph.D. degrees from various respected educational institutions around the globe.

The American Biographical Institute awarded him with the International Culture Diploma of Honor, and designated His Eminency Dr. Mohammad Nurul Alam as lifetime Deputy Governor. This organization also listed him in 5000 Personalities of the World 5th edition and on the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership. The Order of International Ambassador, and the Presidential Seal of Honor are also among the numerous recognitions awarded for his lifetime achievements. He is also listed in Who’s Who in the World – 11th Edition, in 1993 and 17th Edition of Millennium Edition dated January 2000, and also is listed Who’s Who in the East, Millennium Edition, 1999, a publication of Marquis Who’s Who in the World, USA, International Who’s Who Intellectuals – 12th edition and was named “Man of the 20th Century”. His Eminency was awarded with the 20th Century Award for Achievement for his outstanding contribution towards world peace through the Millennium Prophecy by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England. He is also listed in the 1000 Leaders of World Influence 9th Edition, an American Biographical Institute publication which includes a summary of The Millennium Prophecy. H.E.S.S.M.N. Alam also appears of the 10th edition of 500 Leader of Influence of the World.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi Mohammad Nurul Alam has been designated by the competent authority of the Conch Republic as First Ambassador to the U.N. in August 2000 and heads the diplomatic mission in New York City for recognition of the Conch Republic and designated special representative of President of The Anjouan Islamic Republic to the United Nations June 2001 to December 2001. His Eminency Dr. M N Alam is Honorable Minister Plenipotentiary to UN of the International States Parliament for Safety & Peace since 2006. His Eminency has been awarded The Medal of The World Order Science-Education-Culture by the European Academy of Information as commander of World Peace. He also has been designated full time Professor of European Academy of Information on March 12, 2002, in the World Conference Madrid, Spain.

His Eminency Dr. Hazrat Sheikh Shah Sufi M N Alam President of Millennium Trade Link USA Corporation, a Religious & Spiritual Leader, Philosopher, Historian, an International Diplomat Since 1985 at the United Nations, as well as researcher of Millennium Prophecy, Pioneer Spokesmen and author of several books as follows “The Encyclopedia of Prophets & The Rulers of the Islamic World”, “The Millennium Prophecy Statement, Herald a Golden Age”, “Modern Prophet Dr. Alam’s Prediction for Peace & Destruction”, “World Heritage & Records of Sufism” & “The Christian King Ashama (Negush) of Ethiopia”. Recently, The 3rd Edition of “The Millennium Prophecy Statement, & Authentic History of The world” has been published ISBN# 97805‐786‐2640‐6 available on

On 23rd March, 1972, His Eminency Dr. Alam was invited by the First President of Bangladesh Mr. Justice Abu Saeed Chowdhury at Bongo Vobon (Presidential House). Later, on June 20th of 1972 Dr. Alam officially visited the Prime Minister Sheikh Mujib’s Resident at 32 Dhanmondi house with Sheikh Mujib’s business partner Hafiz Monir Hossain of Armanitola, Baghwala Bari, and discussed for the establishment of the United Nations Association of Bangladesh called as “Bangladesh Jatishongho”, His Eminency Dr. Alam was the first founder Secretary General, Hafiz Monir hossain was the President, Mr. Justice Abu Saeed Chowdhury and Sheikh Mujibor Rahman were the Chief patrons. Sheikh Mujib had allotted 72 Midford Road, abandoned property building to accommodate the Office of Bangladesh Jatishongho. The Honorable Housing and Public Works Minister Mr. Motiur Rahman handed over the official documents to His Eminency Dr. Alam in July 1st 1972. Dr. Alam and Bangladesh’s First President Mr. Justice Abu Saeed Chowdhury had advocated for the recognition of new country Bangladesh from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Europe and other World Countries on behalf of the Bangladesh Jatishongho Shomiti.